Comprehensive Resource Model

CRM-logoCRM activates the innate organic healing potential within the body thus enhancing dormant neurobiological attachment processes/attunement allowing for the power and augmentation of one’s potential to heal and be healed.


This treatment modality is highly effective for resolving and healing trauma of all kinds ranging from severe trauma or PTSD to chronic anxiety and depression to emotional pain that remains from one’s childhood experiences.


The mission of CRM is to re-member, re-process, and release traumatic material from the nervous system in order to provide the opportunity for re-connection to one’s true self, the meaning of the truth of one’s life, and to the ability to embody love in one’s actions.


This model changed my life both personally and professionally in terms of how I view emotional pain and healing. I learned about healing resources contained within that I never would have otherwise found. My heart is to give this gift to others. The model is highly flexible, extremely gentle, yet very deep. It gets to the root rather than continuing to Band-Aid the symptoms.  I have completed many hours of training in the application of this therapeutic modality to multiple client issues and concerns and have been using it in my practice for many years with excellent success.


For more information regarding the model, visit the CRM website.