About Ryan Denney

Head Shot-Blue Shirt StandingWelcome! I’m so pleased to have you visit my page and I hope you read something encouraging. I am Dr. Ryan Denney and I live and work in the Raleigh, North Carolina area as a licensed psychologist in full-time clinical practice at One Eighty Counseling. I work with adults and teenagers. I earned an undergraduate and master’s degree in psychology from Midwestern State University and a PhD in counseling psychology from The University of Southern Mississippi.

I began my soul work in earnest in my late 20s and that work continues today. I stood, terrified, before the looming castle that was my emotional pain, and I could hear, even from outside the walls, the sound of fiery dragons and battle inside. But then I looked at where I stood, mired as I was in the quicksand of my sticky, relentless pain-mud, and I realized I had a choice to make: I could live the rest of my life in the grip of anger, fear, and sadness…or I could enter the castle and do the work of my life.

Enter I did and it was utterly terrifying. It was also liberating. I am not afraid of the castle anymore, nor any of its dragons, though I still fight battles that scare me and need courage to face them. But I know how to win those battles now…or better: I know that I can win them. Now that I have found some healing, tasted some wholeness, now that I have found a hopeful pathway through my pain, it has become my heart, my deepest desire, to support others in doing the work or their lives.

Ryan Denney

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